eDART Data Manager

SKU: edm

Powerful process control becomes even more potent with the eDART Data Manager (EDM). The EDM’s Advanced System Overview software lets you view the performance of all eDARTs on your network using your computer’s web browser. The EDM is a single, simple interface through which you access, support and use the eDART. It is the knowledge hub for your plant.

  • Monitor current jobs, press status, downtime and duration
  • Check cycle numbers
  • Track and report reject cycles
  • Backup eDART data automatically
  • Synchronize time among eDART units
  • Manage mold files and templates
  • View real time cycle and summary data

With the EDM, getting an eDART up and running is as simple as plugging it into the network.
For large and sophisticated mold operations, the EDM quickly becomes “mission control”  for the eDART network.