Capacitación y tecnología para la industria del moldeo por inyección

RJG ofrece una completa línea de herramientas y capacitación que permita a los moldeadores implementar técnicas de moldeo científico, mejorando así la calidad, productividad y rentabilidad del moldeo.

RJG es sinónimo de técnicas y equipos de moldeo por inyección avanzados: Moldeo Científico y/o Moldeo Desacoplado (DECOUPLED MOLDING®), el sistema eDART System™, los programas de certificación Master Molder® y para talleres de prueba (Tryout Shop) ayudan a eliminar las moldeadas cortas y mucho más.

Si usted se dedica al procesamiento de piezas de plástico, es un técnico de moldeo por inyección, un diseñador de moldes o piezas, un ingeniero o gerente de calidad, RJG tiene las herramientas que le ayudarán a lograr el éxito.


El estándar de capacitación más alto en la industria del moldeo científico/sistemático.

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Los sistemas de control de proceso y sensores en la cavidad aseguran los mejores procesos y piezas.

Sensores eDART


New! Mexico RJG Training Facility to Open in April

martes, marzo 5

We're excited to announce that we'll open the doors to our first training facility in Mexico in April. For the first time, we will be able to hold a variety of classes in Mexico that were not previously available. Jorge Banderas and Daniel Lopez will be the...

We Challenged a Group of Manufacturing Students to Design Parts for Our Training Lab… They Delivered!

jueves, febrero 21

By Marty Key, Consultant/Trainer at RJG

At RJG, we strive to educate as many students as possible—from children to seasoned professionals. We recently saw an opportunity to fill one of our own needs while providing a learning opportunity to students at...

RJG® Partners with SA Engineering for Public Training Courses

jueves, febrero 21

We are proud to announce that we'vepartnered with SA Engineering in order to offer students an additional location to attend their award-winning injection molding training courses as well as a place to test out RJG equipment.

The partnership includes the...

Tolerances, Shrinkage, and Process Strategies

martes, febrero 5

Just make the part to print, that’s all.”

We’ve all heard this statement before, right? But it’s not that simple. Engineering a quality part, mold, and process requires a significant understanding of all the plastic and machine variables.

Though there are...

RJG, Inc. Officially an Authorized Training Center for Autodesk®

miércoles, diciembre 5

As of November of 2018, RJG is officially an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Autodesk. The ATC status will allow us to share our injection molding training background and experience with the Autodesk community across the world.

As an ATC, we are now...

How Second Stage Speed Influences Your Process

jueves, agosto 23

“At the end of the day, we are trying to produce the most repeatable parts in the fastest, most repeatable time, and the second stage speed setting is an often-overlooked influence on the process. Knowing how your machines respond to this input is one more...

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