RJG Opens New North Carolina Training Facility

RJG, Inc. will be opening up a new training facility in Gibsonville, North Carolina in December to accommodate the large demand for training in the injection molding industry. RJG is working alongside ZAG Equipment Sales, who is providing them with space in their facility as well as access to several used injection molding machines. RJG’s new, 3,000 square foot training facility is equipped with seven presses from ZAG’s used equipment inventory. The facility includes a classroom that seats 22 students, an office, and a lab for hands-on training. Marty Key, certified trainer and master molder, will be the head trainer, and Brad Harvey will be the lab technician. The first course at the North Carolina Training Center will be Systematic Molding and will be held on December sixth through the eighth of this year. A wide range of other courses will also be offered, including the highly sought-after Master Molder courses. Master Molder I and II are designed to help process technicians, engineers and managers better understand and demonstrate injection molding skills at the machine. By providing RJG with injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment, ZAG plans to greatly increase their overall industry presence. Both RJG and ZAG recognize the need for the training site to both address educational requirements and raise awareness of the used capital equipment industry. This collaborative effort will further strengthen the injection molding industry by providing world-class support and educating molders on how to make quality parts. “We believe it’s good for the industry to have more training opportunities, and we’re happy to have the new training center in our territory,” said Tim Gould, president of ZAG Equipment Sales and co-owner of Fordham Plastics. “The demand for injection molding training is higher than ever,” said Gary Chastain, consulting and training manager at RJG. “By opening a third facility in the US, we’re able to offer more Master Molder courses and help even more professionals around the world make high quality parts.” About ZAG Equipment Sales: In partnership with its sister company, Fordham Plastics Equipment Co., ZAG Equipment Sales serves plastics manufacturers throughout the industry with high-quality new and used injection molding machines. Both companies are co-owned and operated by Scott Zuber, Tim Gould and Doug Miller.