Tip of the Day 9: The Suffering of the Lynx Sensor Case

I just returned from a customer that has had some sensors failing; specifically the circuit boards inside the Lynx case have failed. After having a look around it appeared that most of their sensor were mounted such that the axis of shock was in the vertical direction on the case (the axis of the screws).

Right now the Lynx sensor case has some shock protection in the transverse direction but less or none in the other two. We are working on this problem but it is not finished yet.

In the meantime, until we can shock protect them in all directions:

  • Recommend that all Lynx cases be mounted so that shock is in the transverse direction if they are mounted on the ejector plates.

    See the attached files for a pictorial description
  • Do not drill holes in the case in order to do that.
  • If it is not possible to mount them that way, mount them on the clamp plate and use a transfer pin scheme (Contact Customer Support for details).

Example of Correct Mounting

Examples of Incorrect Mounting