When the eDART is networked to a server or EDM and the ftp backups are running it creates a “logs” folder on the server. In that folder are the change logs named “changes_node.csv” where the node number is the eDART‘s node number. These are easily read using Excel and you can sort by change, date / time, mold and a lot of other things.

But some customers have asked whether they can view that change log on the eDART. The answer is “yes”. But you will be reading between the commas in the .csv (“comma separated values”) format. We are working on plans for a better method of change reporting. Until we develop such software you can use the steps below to look at the log on the eDART.


Before turning this loose to those not authorized be sure the eDART security is set up to prevent casual editing of this change file.

Also, be sure to click “Exit”, NOT “Save and Exit” if the editor asks when closing the file. This will prevent saving any accidental changes.


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