Hot Runner Technology

Course Description

This course is designed to provide participants with the key principles of hot runner technology.
Participants will study concepts of hot runner design utilising drawings, systems and data from the leading manufacturers.
Participants will conduct practical experiments to understand and implement optimisation of hot runner system application in injection moulding.

RJG will demonstrate how to maximise the opportunities of using hot runner technology and provide skills to prevent misuse.
Participants will practically learn how to troubleshoot hot runner issues which commonly compromise moulding output.

Ideal for: Production, Process & Design Personnel

Course duration: 3 days

Course Highlights

Day One

  • Function of hot runners
  • Categories of hot runners – internally and externally heated
  • Requirements for effective performance
    • Containment of melt temperature
    • Consistency of temperature control
    • Selection of effective temperature values for optimum performance
    • Monitoring/control of values
    • Set versus actual values
  • Cavity balance of hot runners
    • Associated problems
    • Gate temperature control
    • Gate size/cavity balance
  • Practical exercises on existing processes and use of EFI hot runner controller

Day Two

  • Single level systems –
    • Pressure balance/Geometric balance type system
  • Multi-drop system
  • Channel size
  • Channel diameter prediction
  • Pressure drop consideration
  • Calculation of gate sizes
  • Importance of effective cooling
  • Cavity plate cooling
  • Temperature control of gate
  • Thermal (fixed) probe technology
  • Valve gating technology
  • Valve gate actuation
  • Problems related to hot runners
    • Hostaform (Acetal)
    • Ticona (PBT)
  • Practical work

Day Three

  • Importance/effect of filter nozzles
  • Principles behind sequential gating
  • Importance of process start up procedure
  • Fault finding principles
    • Mould problems – lamination/gate fibres/blisters/gassing
  • Correct use of valve gates
  • Tip cleaning procedure
Course Prerequisites


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