Tip of the Day 2: What if my robot does not accept “Good” for an answer?

If the customer’s sorting equipment refuses to accept a “Good” signal (switch (“contact”) closed when good) then they can still use the eDART’s “Sorting Output”, “Good” on the OR2-D. They simply need to wire their sorting equipment to the “Normally Closed” (“NC”) and “Common” (“COM”) contacts on the OR2-D. That contact will behave like a reject or rather a “not good” output. If anything is shut down or fails the switch will sort of “fall” closed for lack of energy.

NOTE: This is not “true” fail-safe.

The eDART side will be fail-safe. But if the wire from the eDART to the sorting equipment gets broken or disconnected then the sorting equipment will think that all parts are good. This is because its “reject” signal will never go on if the wires are broken.