Module 1 – Melt Preparation and Plasticisation

Course Description

Day One

  • Concepts of correct melt preparation
  • Use of correct throat preparation
  • Use of correct temperature profile
  • Optimisation of screw back pressure
  • Selection of screw back pressure
  • Calculation of shot capacity
  • Consideration of cycle time with reference to barrel capacity
  • Plasticising capacity as a function of cycle time
  • Practical setting exercise

Day Two

  • Practical conclusion review and discussion
  • Practical review and discussion
  • Screw geometry
  • Non return valve technology
  • Ring valve/ball valve technology
  • Screw surface speed theory and selection
  • Decompression distance theory and selection

Day Three

  • Detection of an unstable process
  • Process parameter tolerances and guidelines
  • Identification from process statistics if poor melt preparation is present
  • Correct process instability due to poor melt preparation with part weight variability and vice versa
  • Practical setting exercise using a range of plastic materials
  • Course review

Course Highlights

This is module one of a three module training course. See also:

Module Two: Process Control
Module Three: Materials Technology

Course Prerequisites


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