Written Testimonials

New Berlin Plastics

“Our customers have more confidence in our ability to support their needs . . . .”


“We are now able to make more than twice as many parts in the same amount of time. . . .”


“After as much as we’ve saved with RJG’s equipment, it’s too expensive not to use.. . . .”


“Our customers now have an increased confidence in our capabilities. . . .”


“Existe un antes y un después de Master Molder para el Ingeniero de Procesos. . . . .”


“RJG and the TZERO® group have supported us with great solutions to difficult problems . . . .”

Century Mold

“We reduced our scrap from 2% to 0.8% within 2 years and have saved over $173,000 . . . .”

Dana Molded Products

“Within the first day of implementation, we could see the impact of RJG’s technology.. . . . .”

PCI Components

“RJG has provided us with both quality gains and cost savings. . . . .”

TI Automotive

“Our scrap went from 1.25% to .25%, and our daily output went from . . . .”


“Thanks to RJG, we’re now able to serve our customers better than ever . . .


“Continuamos recibiendo resultados positivos de las pruebas de productos, y el problema se resolvió completamente. ”

Mack Molding

“Los métodos de procesado más eficientes y los menores tiempos de demora redujeron el costo general para los clientes.”

Windsor Mold Group

“Quality improvements can be achieved quickly . . .”

ICU Medical

“RJG nos ayudó a acelerar el tiempo de producción, reducir los desechos y aumentar nuestro margen de ganancia.”

Access and RJGs’s TZERO Group

“The work with TZERO provided significant improvements in all areas…”

Winzeler Gear

“DECOUPLED II molding has become our global standard.”


“Desde que Advent comenzó a producir esta pieza hce 5 años y 250 millones de piezas atrás, no hemos enviado una sola pieza