Sensor English S.I.
Force Range per model
MCSG-B-60-250 250 lb 1.1 kN
Maximum Temperature – Connector 185° F 85° C
Maximum Temperature – Sensor Head 250° F 120° C
Maximum Overload – All Models 375 lb 1.7 kN
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The 6 mm Strain Gage sensor is a robust, indirect (under the pin) pressure sensor that works in conjunction with the eDART® System. The 6 mm sensor head is the smallest strain gage sensor available, permitting the use in molds that may have tight clusters of pins with limited room.

The sensor is designed with a head that matches the dimension and installation pocket of the Piezoelectric 9211 6 mm button. That means it contains all of the capability of the Piezo at a more cost effective price. Unlike Piezo, though, the connector cables can be bent and folded without damage, making them more flexible and easier to maneuver around obstacles.

Features and benefits:

  • 6 mm diameter and height
  • Small footprint on the mold
  • More cost effective than piezo options
  • Flexible, robust sensor cable
  • Not susceptible to moisture or contamination

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